TeqTank Portal

A web-based Portal Interface that allows you to view, manage and analyze your company’s progress at-a-glance, including customer information, commissions, sales volume, genealogy, status, rank, bonuses, reports, data, settings and much more. The portal is separate from the distributor Back Office.

TeqTank Portal

Dashboards and overviews provide an overall picture of how the company is progressing at-a-glance

Visually see the logs and history when data was changed and who changed it

Side-by-side comparison of commission runs to easily see differences

Having the ability efficiently research the customer records, orders and genealogy while also reviewing commission runs

Each client will have their own Company’s portal that your staff will have access to. This allows you to perform activities that the front-facing website or back office will not allow

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TeqTank Portal allows unlimited accessibility to your company’s progress