TeqTank offers Solutions

TeqTank products are designed to increase sales and streamline operations by giving your distributors the real-time information they need to motivate and build their network. We work together with our customers providing everything they need to succeed.


The Mako Calculation Engine is a Visual Studio Plugin that allows a developer to quickly spin up new commission plans or make changes to a commission plan without a lot of heavy lifting. The Mako calculation engine can calculate an unlimited number of plans with the most complex requirements for any market and any currency. There is no need to disrupt your day-to-day business flow during the implementation period.


The TeqTank Basking Order Calc Engine is a Visual Studio Plugin that allows a developer to customize order processing rules for any number of scenarios within a company may arise. It allows for easy integration with third party tax and shipping services and has built in payment processing capabilities. It allows a company to do business in any number of countries and currencies, as well as easily handle product pricing changes.


The Pilot Fish Sync Engine is a Visual Studio Plugin that allows developers to create scheduled tasks/jobs that run in the background using a Queue System (FIFO). This allows us to quickly create custom logic per client based on their needs. Examples of use would be, Customer Upgrade Paths, Customer Downgrades, Mailing of reports, etc.


A web-based Portal Interface that allows you to view, manage and analyze your company’s progress at-a-glance, including customer information, commissions, sales volume, genealogy, status, rank, bonuses, reports, data, and settings. The portal is separate from the distributor Back Office.


We designed our products from the ground up with the highest levels of data security in mind. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is our top priority. To ensure this occurs, we use the latest techniques and technologies to minimize the attack surface and prevent security breaches.


The Greenland Tree Service runs in the background using a unique processing method that allows tree moves and placement in real time based on FIFO. With over 50 placement methods each revolving around a particular type of tree, the Greenland Tree Service allows us to create an unlimited number of tree structures that includes business centers with the ability to have expansion slots if needed.


We have a set of client RESTful APIs that utilize the Swagger framework. These include a full array of POST/PUT/GET methods for creating, manipulating, and retrieving data in real time.

Each request provides a list of all available properties, their requirement status, and data type, along with the response object model definitions.

The available methods span over all facets of CRM and Commission calculations, including Customers, Orders (ship + tax), Trees, real-time earnings, and reporting.

We strive to make our clients happy