Mako Calculation Engine

The Mako Calculation Engine is a standalone service that was built by developers for developers. A fully documented open source Plugin to modern restful APIs that work well with the ever-evolving modern software stack. The Mako Calculation Engine has the ability to be programmed to the most complicated rules-based payroll.

Mako Calculation Engine

Logs and history of when everything happened, from rank ups to commission payouts

Multiple compensation plans, our system allows you to have different compensation plans for testing and modeling purposes

Testing with live data prior to deployment

Unlimited number of genealogy trees, this means you can have 2 Unilevel trees if needed

Calculations are real-time updates, as orders, new enrollments, tree moves happen

Upon every programming change to the compensation plan, a new version is created. This will allow a roll back to previous versions

Very fast, commission runs are completed in a matter of seconds. No need to wait for 6 hours and only run once a week or month

Visually see the requirements for all ranks, how close a person is to the next rank and what they are missing

Historical data for all accepted runs, including the genealogy trees, volumes, and orders

Payouts are able to be split out per currency

Order based bonus clawbacks are included in the programming

Parameterized compensation plans, the client will be able to change percentages and levels of their own comp plan programming to test and adjust

Overrides are configurable to what the client needs and wants. Setting a timeframe for an override is also part of the base set up

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