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TeqTank’s software will help you build and manage your business.  With this stand-alone engine, there is no need to move your entire infrastructure. Our Mako Calculation Engine can be easily plug into your third-party providers, such as tax, logistics and money in/out so you can keep using the providers you’ve grown to trust.

Mako Calculation Engine is a lightning fast, multi-currency, multi-market and multi-time zone calculation engine that can easily process the most complex rule-based payroll, there is nothing this engine can’t calculate. It allows you to have unlimited number of trees, ranks and overrides, multiple compensation plans, order based clawbacks, configurable overrides, business center logic and party planning already built into its core for turnkey use. Calculations are real-time updates with very fast commissions runs.

Comprehensive Analysis and Consultation

We’ll begin your journey with a comprehensive analysis of your compensation plan. This will transform your thoughts and marketing compensation plan into a concise and comprehensible spec document. This will allow us to define all the rules and requirements while also discovering holes, margins, and total payout percentages.

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• We are always improving and making things better even if they seem to work well

• Our success is measured by our client’s success

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