What is TeqTank

TeqTank is a group of like-minded people with the integrity and knowledge to answer the one question that should be on every company’s mind, “What is best for our clients?”. We set out on a journey to hear the pain points, listen to the client’s wants and needs and answered the question by building the Mako Calculation Engine.

What is the Mako Calculation Engine

The Mako engine is a standalone service that was built by developers for developers. A fully documented open source Plugin to modern restful APIs that work well with the ever-evolving modern software stack. The Mako Calculation Engine has the ability to be programmed to the most complicated rules-based payroll.


With the ability to plug into your company’s current eco-system, there is no need to disrupt your day-to-day-to-day business flow or a timely implementation period. The Mako Engine has the capacity to calculate the most complex requirements and rules by also taking into consideration market specific rules and global calculations to determine real-time payroll.

Expert Developers

We have expert developers on staff to make your ideas a reality, with their vast knowledge of the industy they will be able to guide you through the pitfalls and hurdles, safely navigating you to the best result of your company and clientele.

Mobile Payroll

Have plans with family or friends? Hopping on an 8-hour flight? No need to bring your laptop along to ruin your evening or travel. With our mobile commissions admin tool, you will be able to validate and research your commissions from your mobile device of choice

On Board Concierge

You will be assigned your own personal On Board Concierge dedicated to implementing your business needs. They will be with your every step of the way throughout the short lifespan of your implementation. They will be gather requirements, assisting you with your testing needs, training you and your staff on the TeqTank admin tool, and making sure that your implementation is one track.

Little Down Time

Because this is this is bolt-on tech, there is little down time to integrate onto your current systems. No long and costly implementation time frame, there is a very short ramp up time to get your company on the new Mako Calculation Engine platform.

Go Mobile

We give you the opportunity to queue up commission runs, and run real-time commission runs on your mobile device. No need to be chained to your desk or your computer, you will be able to have keep current with your field with the real-time metrics and achievements, with results from the lightning fast Mako Engine.

Own your own data

If you are an existing company with your own data warehouse and don’t want to go through a costly data conversion, TeqTank has the perfect solution…..don’t. The Mako Calculation Engine has the ability to take minimal data points and map them to requirements for your real-time commission calculations.


We are a company that has more interest in the people we work with rather than the bottom-line. We are searching for companies that would like to partner with us to make your company a success.

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