About Teqtank

TeqTank was an answer to hearing all the pain points from clients, from being stuck in a box, to long implementation timeframes, to slow calculation times. We listened and delivered the Mako Calculation Engine with the ingenuity of the team, we came up with the lightning fast, multi-currency, multi-market and multi-timezone calculation engine. With the ability to process the most complex rule-based payroll, there is nothing this engine can’t calculate. With this stand-alone engine, there is no need to move your entire infrastructure to an unknown platform and database. You will be able to leave all your other services on the platforms they are currently on and just bolt on the Mako Calculation Engine. Mako is capable to consider market concepts, with its globalization UTC time zone resource files the engine will handle the natural close of markets around the world. If the compensation plan has variations for each market, you will be able to run each market one at a time or all together. Make the Mako Calculation Engine your own, you will have unlimited number of trees, ranks and overrides. Mako already has business center logic and party planning already built into its core for turn key use.

Our Team

We think we have some rock stars on our team but would like you to see for yourself the awesome talent that we have.